White Line Disease (WLD) is a bacterial and/or fungal infection of the White Line area of the equine hoof. The spores feed on the keratin that forms the mass of the foot. Calling it a "disease" often worries the owner much more than it should. Only very severe examples need urgent veterinary attention and they should have been discovered a very long time before that. This type of fungus affects all animals that have a keratin hoof. It is a fungus very similar to the mycene fungus that attacks the human nails and skin, which are also keratin based. On the human foot this is called Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot). The fungus thrives in warm, dark and moist conditions such as when damp earth is pressed hard against the sole of the hoof. The sulci of the frog are the first entry points. At the frog this condition has a distinctively bad smell, and is commonly referred to as "Thrush" The White Line is the other major point of entry. Fungal spores will enter via the horse shoe nail holes, especially when the nails and shoe work loose. If untreated it will spread throughout the keratin mass and will result in serious damage to the structure of the foot. There are many illustrations of very serious WLD but again, if your horse's feet have anything like those conditions illustrated, then you should be jail for gross cruelty to animals! Regular maintenance, thorough washing with an antifungal soap, careful inspection of cracks, holes and the area under the shoe (if not barefoot) and prompt action if you smell an infected frog, will keep your horse infection free. We built our business on our Herbal Soap for Horses and our White Line Balm. Both constantly best sellers for many years. But the magic is in the regular maintenance, rather than only applying soaps and balms when there is a first aid job to be done. And regular maintenance is down to you, the owner. Don't wait for your farrier or trimmer to make their regular visit - look at and smell your horse's feet! Give them a good clean and a scrub with our Herbal Liquid Soap and rub in some Pioneer WLD balm. Remember, the illustrations are examples of bad ownership - it's not the horse's fault!

 This is an example of "Thrush" attacking the sulci of the frog.
    1. It has a distinctive bad smell
    2. It is a fungal infection - and an early warning of what can become White Line                 Disease.
    3. Tackle it with a thorough scrubbing with a good quality herbal liquid soap. Our
         Pioneer Herbal Liquid Soap is antifungal and made especially for Thrush and             WLD. Use our Pioneer White Line Disease Herbal Balm for difficult cases.