This page shows two good examples of what White Line Disease can progress to - if you are not vigilant when you first smell the beginnings of a Thrush infection of the frog -  and a useful enlarged illustration of the condition. A horse's foot should never get to this stage. Your normal maintenance should detect Thrush quickly and even if you miss it, your farrier or trimmer will both smell and see the damage at an early stage. Thorough scrubbing with an antifungal soap, allowing it to soak into the tubercules, followed by either our Hoof Paste (for this kind of damage) or rubbing in our WLD balm, will very quickly kill off the spores. It is then a matter of cutting away badly diseased keratin and shaping new growth to manage a healthy foot.
Regular maintenance will ALWAYS prevent this kind of problem.


   An example of White Line Disease and a useful explanation. Always talk to your
   Farrier or Trimmer if you suspect that your horse has this condition. Remember that
   this disease, in one form or another, can affect all animals that have a keratin foot.
Use our Pioneer White Line Disease Herbal Balm for fast, effective results.