Mosquitoes, midges, sand flies, beach stingers, coral, stones, broken glass, empty drinks cans - they can all make your dream holiday a nightmare! In the Caribbean, mosquitoes can carry viruses that may make you very ill. (CHIKUNGUNYA VIRUS)The Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean all have their own dream destinations - and all of the above perils apply! Pioneer Herbal Products make a range of non-chemical sprays and balms, including a holiday pack for humans. A superb mini-spray which is so handy for your pocket, beach bag, swimming gear, and belt bags. Stops a very broad range of insects, smells good, can be used on skin, scalp, clothing, pillows, bedding, sleeping bags, beach chairs and towels. A min-spray refill that will fill TWO more sprays, and a 100ml airless pump that dispenses our outstanding Travellers Ointment. We've made this for 15 years. It is excellent against bites, cuts, wounds, rashes, scrapes (like coral scrapes), and it will also act as a repellent in the same way as the mini-spray. Our Holiday Pack is a real bargain. Each item can be purchased individually if you wish. But the pack is more economic and will certainly last for your whole trip. And of course you can use it at home in the garden, or out and about. Every single customer who has purchased these items has been satisfied.  




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