An ALL HERBAL hoof paste designed for effective management of stubborn fungal problems in the white line area of a horses foot. Can be used on all animals with a keratin foot susceptible to fungal problems.

Pioneer Hoof Paste for White Line Disease and Thrush

Pioneer Hoof Paste is the result of several years experience in the field with the practical application at many levels of our herbal balms, natural oils, hoof soap and herbal liquid soap to the problems of fungal infection in the frog and white line areas of the equine foot. While our liquid soap and white line balm can maintain a fungal free foot for very long periods, there are occassions when a really serious fungal attack occurs that needs a strong, "big gun" approach.

Pioneer Hoof Paste can be applied to the removeable pads supplied with boots, or pasted onto the pad of a wrap around boot - or it can simply be pushed into cracks or holes, and spread across the foot, then have the horse walk around to flatten the paste against the foot.

An ALL HERBAL product based on our well established and effective antifungal herb and natural oil formulae. In use now by individual owners, Equine Podiatrists and Farriers.
SSO-HP-200    200g sealed tub    £15



   Pioneer Hoof Paste