Pioneer has been working with Melalucae alternifolia  (Tea Tree Oil) for over 28 years. This outstanding natural antiseptic and antifungal substance has been used for over a thousand years in Australia, where most of the natural tree varieties and commercially cultivated bushes grow, and the oil is distilled. It has come to prominence again in the  last few years due to the emergence of more strains of MRSA.  In our work with Tea Tree we have researched over 30,000 records from world wide sources, and we are still finding applications where this super substance outperforms over the counter chemical based anstiseptics by a factor of thousands to one. We also market TEA TREE OIL in our generous 25ml bottles as for our range of ESSENTIAL OILS. Choose either Tea Tree Soap, or Tea Tree Oil - or both! In the shopping cart option below.

Pioneer makes Tea Tree Soap 

Pioneer Tea Tree soap is a Family Bar and proudly carries our Dorothea Panton moulding. An excellent antifungal all over body wash from scalp to toenails!  Strongly recommended to ease the symptoms of Candida, thrush, lice, wounds, cuts, abrasions, rashes, toenail fungus, dandruff, eczema - the list goes on!   A simply outstanding soap.
We also supply neat, 100% pure, Tea Tree Oil in 25ml bottles.

Tea Tree Soap Bar 200g :  £5.00

Tea Tree Essential Oil (100% pure) 25ml : £6.00

   Pioneer sells Tea Tree Essential Oil
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