What can we say about Lavender that hundreds of herbal sites havent already broadcast to the world? Except that we could sell it in very big buckets
-  if you could carry them!



(Lavendula angustifolia

Probably the most versatile of all essential oils, Lavender is soothing. An insect repellent, it scents pillows to ease sleep, is very useful against burns, insect bites and stings and is a component of many soaps and perfumes. It has been used for thousands of years - particularly in the Middle East, in ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. Grown all over the world, the three main sources to the UK are now France, England, where new plantations of 50 acres and more have been laid down - and Bulgaria. With English Lavender oil at around £426 a litre, we bottle the French variety and offer a superb Lavender at a decent price.
Why pay TWICE as much - justs for 15ml in the High Street?

SSO-LA-25 25ml amber bottle: Price £5.00