Peppermint Oil consists of the essential oil of Menthe piperita obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and flowering sprigs. Its chief component is Menthol (about 35 to 45%). The oil should NOT be taken internally. Excellent for tension headaches.



Peppermint Oil is an insect repellent, has some antifungal properties and has a significant cooling effect on the skin. 
An important application for our Peppermint oil is to ease headache symptoms. The neat oil is rubbed gently into each temple, and a "connecting strip" is smeared from temple to temple. (keep the eyes closed when applying this). The result is a cooling sensation which reduces tension and eases the pain. Do NOT apply neat oil to a child's face. We use peppermint in some of our soaps, where it gives a really cool and refreshing shower.
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