Neem Oil (Azadirachta indica) is a highly versatile essential oil with outstanding properties against a wide range of biting, chewing and sucking insects, including mosquitos, tics, fleas, mites (including Cheyletiella mite in dogs) and midges in both animal and human care applications. It is an excellent insect repellent and a useful minor wound care item. We use Neem in our Equine Midge Balm and our Scab Softener. This Neem Soap is a superb buy at £5 + pp  

We also market Neem Oil in a 100ml bottle for you to apply as you need. Neem Oil will become thick and will not flow or mix when the temperature falls below approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit. To use the oil, warm the bottle (put it in the sun on a window sill or warm it in your hands, or otherwise warm it until the oil is seen to flow in the bottle).
If mixing the oil with water, mix it with a little emulsifier (we can supply that) and then add water slowly, mixing all the time until the correct volume of oil to water is achieved. Then apply the diluted Neem oil as soon as possible.



Pioneer Herbal Neem Soap Bar 200g      

    Pioneer neem soap kills tics fleas midges

   A: Cheyletiella mite. "creeping dandruff" mite in dogs
   B: Common Flea
   C: Midge
   D: Tic

Neem Oil in 100ml Bottle: £7.00 +pp

Pioneer Herbal Neem Soap
Neem Soap and Neem Oil