Acne is a skin problem caused by a combination of sticky sebaceous fluid, dried perspiration, and dead skin that block the follicles. This condition can become infected and inflamed and it prevents normal hair growth from the follicle. The visual presentation is in the form of raised lumps where the follicle is infected. Acne does not always appear on other parts of the body but it always appears on the face. It can however be widespread across shoulders and chest. It affects both sexes during puberty. However, as the production of testosterone is high at this stage, is generally more severe with teenage boys. Acne can be controlled and often eradicated by using skin defoliants, creams, balms and washes. The aim is to clear away the blockages and keep the follicles clean. Pioneer makes a soap with herbs and oils chosen specifically to scour the skin and cleanse the follicles. Our Acne Soap is also excellent for facial spots and infected insect bites, minor scratches and rashes. The secret is in the application of the soap. Only a small amount of water is needed. Make the soap into a paste and apply it all over the affected area. Leave it on the skin for a few minutes. (for girls this is the same as applying a cucumber facial or a facial pack). Boys have to learn how to do this !! Wash off and gently pat dry - do not rub with the towel. Wash at least twice a day. Results should be seen within a few days. Use the soap as your regular wash for several months. This will keep your skin clear. You can also wash your hair with this soap - it will clear dandruff. It can also be used in the shower as an all over wash, where it will help to clear body yeasts quickly.

 Acne can be mild - as in the illustration on the left, or more widespread as on the right, which can result in discomfort and embarrassment.

There are many creams, pastes and ointments available. Our Pioneer Acne Soap contains no chemical ingredients. It is inexpensive and can be applied quickly and easily. Just wash the face in the soap in the normal way, working up a good lather, rinse off and then pat dry - do not rub the skin dry. Then wet the soap block and gently rub it onto the affected area until a paste is formed. Use more water if required - but not too wet.

Leave the paste on the area for 3 or 4 minutes. Then gently wash away and pat dry - do not rub the skin dry. Repeat twice a day for a week and you should have very positive results. Avoid using too much make up - the chemicals in make up tend to irritate Acne and it will take much longer for the soap paste to be effective. Make up should be removed completely and the soap paste applied and gently washed off before going to bed.
Pioneer Acne Soap is available in a 110g shell shaped soap or a 200g rectangular block soap bar.