Lime is an interesting essential oil. Limes and Lemons are closely related and are the fruit of Citrus aurantifolia. It is high in vitamin C. 

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ESSENTIAL OIL OF LIME(Citrus aurantifolia)
Very closely related to the Lemon and generally famous as the fruit that cleared scurvy in sailors wo were at sea for long periods without fresh fruit and vegetables.
The oil is also useful for brittle nails and greasy and oily skin.
Acne sufferers can benefit from dabs of Lime oil on a baby bud and it has been known to reduce warts. Several drops in warm water give an excellent gargle against mouth ulcers and a sore throat. It is an astringent.
Gently worked into mature skin and wrinkles it is soothing and refreshing, giving a clean, clear effect.

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