Pioneer Equine Hoof Antifungal Soap is for horses hooves and any animal with a keratinous foot - such as rare breed goats, pigs, cattle and sheep, llamas and alpaccas, where fungal spores  may cause a breakdown of the keratin and crumbling of the structure. An excellent all round herbal soap with an antifungal base. Same recipe as Pioneer Herbal Liquid Soap.

This the bar that brings real economy into regular foot maintenance for horses, sheep, cattle, goats and pigs, with particular emphasis on cleansing the White Line area and keratin mass of the equine foot.

We now supply Rare Breeds owners as well as a large number of horse owners with herbal products designed to make foot care easier and more efficient.

This super soap has 6 oils and 5 herbs, is matured for five weeks and is the same recipe as our outstanding liquid soap.  It is ideal for the smaller horse, pony, or Shetland, and superb for Rare Breeds where the feet are generally smaller than many horses.   A great healthy lather, that works well in all waters, hard or soft, cold or warmExcellent value!

SSS-HHS-235      235g Hard Bar  Price £6+ pp