Flea infestations on dogs and cats are becoming more common in the UK. Perhaps one of the reasons why these troublesome insects are so difficult to eradicate is that many of the "quick cure" products available from both pet stores and veterinarians are targetted at getting rid of the fleas on the animal, rather than a "whole flea life cycle" approach.
Pioneer Herbal Products attempts to get rid of the adult flea on the animal, then search out and eradicate the eggs and first and second generation larvae, which, hopefully, prevents the third generation larvae and the pupae emerging into the immature young flea looking for a blood meal to give it further life. Breaking the life cycle in our opinon is the most effective way of clearing an infestation. It involves washing and/or spraying the animal several times, as well as shampooing carpets, rugs and mats with a normal shampoo product that has our Kennel Clear spray concentrated liquid ADDED to the shampoo mix.

For further information see below. Our CAREWASH, MINI-SPRAY and KENNEL CLEAR products are available on this website. Just go to PIONEER EQUINE CANINE and follow the links.