Equine Thrush is a fungal infection of the frog area of the equine foot. Thrush gives off a pungent smell which is noticed when working on the foot. The area affected will be black and can crumble when using a picking tool to scrape the area. The horses foot needs to be cleaned, picking away any debris, and then throughly scrubbed. Pioneer Thrush Kit contains a strongly antifungal herbal soap which will deep cleanse the area. Pioneer Healthy Horses Thrush Soap will bring up a rich, cleansing lather that will penetrate any cracks, holes and scratches. Dry the foot and then spray the foot with Pioneer Healthy Horses Thrush Spray. Apply a boot for 24 hours then check the foot again. It shouild appear clean and the thrush smell should have gone. Apply the Thrush Kit again during normal maintenance work and this will keep the foot free of Equine Thrush.

Pioneer Herbal
Healthy Horses Thrush Kit


250ml Easy Dispense, Antifungal Liquid Soap
50ml  Natural Oils Thrush Spray
(note: these items are NOT sold separately)