A fast acting balm made specifically to clean minor wounds on site and to assist in the rapid healing of minor cuts, slices, rips, tears, abrasions, serious rubbing and scratches that happen to horses and working dogs during field events, endurance rides and accidentally in yards and kennel areas. 

  Actual photographs of a horrendous wound on the day it happened. T3 Wound Care Balm was applied immediately on the day of the wound. Images show wound at day of wound, plus 10 days and 28 days.

Images of a nasty wound to GUS in late September 2015.
The images show the wound (which was caused by entanglement in barbed wire), at Day 1, through stages to Day 10. 

Pioneer Herbal T3 Wound Care Balm was applied using our T3 100ml Airless Pump dispenser. The wound progress is remarkable and is comparable to the wound shown in the case from Finland (shown above), although in Gus's case, the progress was much faster, as can be seen at Day10.



Well done Gus!

Pioneer T3 Wound Care Balm

was formulated specifically for application to a minor wound, cut, scrape, abrasion or raw, sore area as a result of sports activities, such as eventing or endurance riding - or any accidental wound from any source in animal training or exercise work. It is a balm that can be applied immediately to aid wound cleansing and closure. The herbal ingredients are infused for three weeks for maximum strength.
Pioneer T3
Wound Care Balm  has been tested on wounds caused by: stones, barbed wire, fence wire, jagged tree branches, flint chips, baling wire that had been left lying in a field, and thorns causing difficult minor wounds.  Pioneer T3 Wound Care Balm is ideal for the first aid bag with endurance and cross country support crews and is an excellent general purpose wound care item for any animal. Recent information from one of our rescue centres that we support said that T3 was very effective in dealing with a rash on a pigs skin that had been very difficult to get rid of. T3 helped this to resolve in 10 days.

Pioneer T3 Wound Care balm is designed to melt very quickly This has the effect of flooding the wound channel with the balm, and helps to bring up debris, dirt, grit, or bits of thorn which can then be carefully wiped away and a little more balm applied to the now much cleaner wound. This procedure will  assist in wound closure - particularly when the animal could be many miles from home.  Once the balm has been used, try to keep it in a cool position out of direct sunlight.  For difficult cuts the balm can be squeezed out onto a pad or dressing and the wound covered until the animal can be seen by a vet.

This balm can also be used on the human skin for similar applications. Always consult a medical professional if a wound does not show signs of recovery within 24 hours.

Pioneer T3 Wound Care Balm is available in the following sizes:

100ml Airless Pump for Small applications.      SSO-T3-100 at £7.00
250ml Flip Top Bottle for accurate dispensing. SSO-T3-250 at £15.00
500ml Flip Top Bottle for general dispensing.   SSO-T3-500 at £22.00