Pioneer Tea Tree Travellers Ointment is back again in a larger jar but with the same powerful recipe that repels insects and helps to clear any infected bites, cuts, wounds, rashes and keeps flying insects at bay at night. A must for holidays.


This traditional Pioneer ointment (it was one of our first herbal manufactures) has been revived by popular request from customers who like to take a jar on holiday with them. We've had people going to India, Spain and South America who buy their Travellers Ointment in just before they leave. We've even had customers who have bought because a fellow holidaymaker loaned them their own Travellers Ointment in some distant place where the insects thrive on fresh European skin on holiday!

This time it is in a large jar and so you get much more of our super infusion of Marigold Petals, Melalucae Oil, Organic Rosemary Seed, Comfrey, Gotu Kola, Neem, Beeswax and Olive Oil. An excellent insect repellent - but if any of the determined little darlings do make it through to your arms and legs, that powerhouse of Tea Tree and Marigold will kill an infection and quickly heal the skin.    We do not put any fragrance oils in these ointments. Some skins react badly to a wide range of oils. Buy with confidence because it really does work ! For an anti-midge spray, look at our Midge Balm pages for our Mini-Spray.
SSO-TT-60 Amber glass jar. £6.00