Cleans and closes minor wounds - fast; helps to reduce swellings and takes the soreness out of contusions. Use the SSO-AC-OIL-30 with its dropper to place oil directly onto an affected area. SSO-AC-BALM is for bruises, sprains and strains and can be rubbed in over the whole bruised or damaged area. This is particularly suitable for larger animals such as horses. Where there has been a major problem, such as for example a bad fall, or an accident that affects large areas, then possibly our SSO-AC-SOAP would be more practical. It is our Pioneer Lady 180g rectangular hard bar soap and can be used to work up a rich lather over the entire body if necessary. Let the lather lie for a few minutes, and rub in to bruises and contusions. Do this daily. The soap can be used in conjunction with either of the other two Arnica & Comfrey products.

Hand wound caused by sharp zipper teeth. Ripped a 1mm strip of flesh.

Hand wound 36 hours after application of Arnica & Comfrey Pure Oil.
Wound channel very clean, bruising fading rapidly, wound channel closed at right hand side, closing at left hand side.
(N:B: This wound was on the hand of the owner of Pioneer Herbal Products and was caused by the tooth of a zipper being out of line on a pocket zip.)

Arnica & Comfrey Wound, Bruise, Contusions & Swelling Care


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