Alpaca Clear is an ALL natural spray kit that will provide TEN x 750ml bottles of our superb formula spray that takes care of Fleas, Tics, the Mite Families and those flying , biting insect families that can cause sore, irritable skin patches and bald areas on the fleece of these beautiful animals. At an application price of £1.50 per 750ml bottle, Alpaca Clear is both effective and economic. The fleece should be soaked with the spray so that the skin is thoroughly wetted. If you are spraying to assist the clearance of a sore, bald patch, then make sure that an area of at least TWICE the area of the bald patch or sore area is wetted. The mites that cause these sore patches inhabit the skin in clusters, but singles and small clusters will exist well away from the main population. As a general rule, if for example there is a sore patch on a leg, then spray the whole leg until the fleece is wetted down to the skin. This should clear the leg. If on a lower leg, spray the leg and also spray the whole foot and toes and underneath the foot. This will clear any fungal spores on the foot. If spraying around the ears to clear Otodex Mites (mites which live in and around the ears), then make sure to guard the eyes with your hand and wet the ears inside and out. Spray the back of the head. This will help to keep flying biting insects away from the head and eyes. This spray will not harm you or your animals. ALWAYS shake the bottle before use. Although the oils are dissipated in the mix, they will tend to collect on the surface when the bottle is not being used. This is an all natural oils spray. There are no chemicals in this spray. Contents: 1 x 750ml bottle, 1 x 100ml bottle of concentrate, 1 x 30ml bottle of emulsifying liquid (coconut oil derived), 1 x spray booklet.